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Inherent Strengths

Inherent Strengths


·         Five decades experience in creation of infrastructures for Nation development. BRO has transformed from a normal road construction agency to a multi faceted, multi dimensional, transnational, modern construction agency instrumental in constructing tunnels in addition to long span bridges airfields, National Highways etc.  .


·          A well trained, highly motivated, technically proficient, dedicated and well disciplined Nation resource inherent in the Organisation.


·         An existing equipment and resource reservoir with constant induction of latest veh /eqpt / plant .


Strengths – A Detailed Perspective


·         Positive Image:  An Organisation with a high reputation amongst one and all for its positive outlook against all odds- an Organisation, that can get the job done, what come may. Organisation is now regarded as a symbol of Nation building, National integration and an inseparable component in maintaining the security and integrity of Nation. It has immensely contributed towards strengthening bonds of friendship with neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Myanmar and Afganistan.


·         Departmental Construction :  A hallmark of the Organisation is the  departmentally execution of work with a highly motivated , well disciplined and skilled work force, working in the remote, uncongenial and inhospitable terrain, in Northern and North Eastern Border areas of the country. However, to cope up the increased work load of BRO, the work is also being executed through contracts.


·         Decentralised Functioning :  A high level of decentralisation at the executive level, with greater responsibility and accountability at the level of the Chief Engineer and Task Force Commander aiming at judicious deployment of resources for optimum results.


·         Organisational Structure :  The BRO, though an unarmed and non-combatant force derives its structure and discipline from the Army. It is a force adjunct to the Armed Forces, with men in uniform, of divergent patterns from the Armed Forces and the General Reserve Engineer Force, (GREF) blended together, imbibing the best traditions of the Army.


·         Core Competency: Enhanced core competency over a period of time, moving from road building and maintenance to permanent bridge construction, airfield and specialized building construction and further into tunneling. Even construction of channels and other sophisticated RCC structures for a hydro – electric power station in Nagaland have been taken up.


·         Mechanisation :  The BRO is the largest single construction and holding State-of- the- Art equipment keeping pace with the global technological development,  in a well planned and phased manner and reduction in the dependency on labour, to the extent feasible. This ensures a high level of mechanization and effective and efficient out put, commensurate to effort.

·         Speed, Economy and quality : The  hallmarks of the construction activities undertaken by the BRO are Speed, Economy of effort and quality. The ethos of the Organisation is spelt out in its motto “Shramena Sarvam Sadhyam” (Everything is Achievable through Hard Work). 


·         Casual Paid Labour (CPL) :   Approximately 90,000 Casual Paid Labour (CPLs) are employed in BRO. They form the backbone of the Organisation